If you are looking for the highest quality Goldendoodle breeder in CA, look no further. Sheryl from Coastlandgoldendoodles breeds healthy, happy and gorgeous teddy bear Goldendoodles! Sheryl puts an incredible amount of care into matching only the highest quality parent dogs to create healthy, beautiful pups to maintain her signature Doodle look. I am very fortunate to have 2 amazing Doodles from Coastlandgoldendoodles. Every time I go for a walk strangers comment on how gorgeous & happy they are. My Doods are full of personality, so funny & happy and ...wait for it... have 0 health issues! Sheryl raises the puppies with so much care & love - when I took each of mine home (about 6 months apart) they were able to bond immediately with our family. Do be careful when choosing your breeder because there are a lot of “get rich quick” start up home breeders out there. I would be worried about the health & quality of my new family member from these places. Choose quality, love & experience. Can’t recommend Sheryl from Coastlandgoldendoodles enough. Enjoy your new Doodle!

- Mary from Valencia, CA

We have been so impressed and delighted by the quality of dog that Sheryl has provided us. Right from the beginning we were impressed by Sheryl's knowledge and commitment to her dogs. It is easy to tell that this is a passion for her, and she emphasized quality over quantity. The thought and care that she puts into her dogs and puppies is truly remarkable and leads to amazing companions. Not only is our dog gorgeous and healthy, but we have never met a dog with such a lovely temperament! She is very calm and easy-going; the vacuum does not bother her, fireworks don't bother her, being dressed up by our young daughter doesn't bother her. She is also extremely cuddly! She loves to be held and pet, and with her extraordinarily soft fur, you can't resist! Her gait and face exude happiness. We could not have asked for a better dog and addition to our family.

- Michelle from Pasadena, CA

We researched this breed for several years as well as all of the Registered Goldendoodle breeders throughout the U.S. When we found Coastland Goldendoodles, we knew without a doubt that this is the breeder we wanted to get our puppy from. With their amazing pedigree lines, exceptional health clearances and wonderful disposition of their parent dogs, we knew they were a superior breeder. They turned out to be much more than a breeder, it was the most special, comforting and rewarding process choosing our puppy. Once our litter was born, Sheryl sent photos of our puppy to help us bond. She was always available to answer questions and kept us updated on all of the stages our litter was going through. The puppies are raised in their loving home and begin their socialization from when they are born. They are socialized to sights, sounds and people. This training was so evident when we picked up our puppy at 8 weeks.

Our puppy was from the litter of Nala and Jake and he just turned one year old. Not only is he an amazingly beautiful goldendoodle, he is friendly, very intelligent, affectionate and gentle. Training him was very easy as he is so smart and truly wants to learn. He has such a gentle demeanor and calm natured. Our goldendoodle has never showed aggression to anyone or any other dogs. He has such a wonderful temperament and is so famous and well loved in our community. He certainly has become a special part of our family, we feel truly blessed and I couldn’t recommend Coastland Goldendoodles enough for the amazon experience.

- Teri from Camarillo, CA

Our Goldendoodle is now 4 years old. We purchased him from a highly respected breeder, Sheryl of Coastland Goldendoodles. Sheryl breeds the most special, beautiful, intelligent and calm Goldendoodles on the planet! These dogs are extremely special and should be in families who have the time to be with them. We’ve had zero health issues and just an amazing experience all around with Sheryl. She really cares and takes the time to ensure her puppies are in good homes. Highly recommend.

- Jeena from Scottsdale, AZ

We bought our girl Daisy from Coastland Goldendoodles and we were so happy with our experience. Sheryl kept us informed the entire time, sent us pictures of the puppies frequently. She really cares about her pups and it shows. We recommend highly Coastland Goldendoodles.

- Whitney from Ventura, CA

I cannot recommend Sheryl and Coastland Goldendoodles highly enough. We got our puppy from her 1 ½ years ago and we are so happy we did. Sheryl is such a careful and particular breeder, not a “backyard breeder” who doesn’t care about the pups. Our puppy is the sweetest dog who loves everyone, and this is probably due in part to all the love she got from Sheryl from the moment she was born. And her coat… I cannot tell you how many comments we get on her fleecy, soft coat. I know where I’ll be going when it’s time to get a sister or brother for our amazing girl!

- Susannah from Montecito, CA

I have owned small dogs all my life. When it was time to think about another dog after mine died I researched larger breed dogs. I have never owned a dog over 25lbs but decided to check into medium size dogs. I live alone so a sweet friendly dog that I could handle was important. My groomer breeds standard poodles for show and I always loved their elegant movement but wanted a dog with more stocky build. Then I saw Goldendoodles and knew that was the dog I wanted. I started doing lots of research and did my homework on breed and breeders and wanted to find a quality breeder in California even if I had to wait for a puppy. Coastland Goldendoodles is a recommended Goldendoodle breeder on the Goldendoodle registry and health test both breeds in their breeding program.

I contacted Coastland Goldendoodles and found my perfect puppy! I named her Ellie and she is everything I hoped for and more. Ellie is a puppy of Carley and Chase. Goldendoodle puppies are the cutest puppies you have ever seen and will bring joy and smiles to your life. She is a bit of a clown, mischievous and independent. Every day is a new adventure for both of us. She travels really well in the car in the front seat and crates well. She is super intelligent and learns commands quickly. She loves her walks outside and loves playing with her balls and soft toys. Her coat is a gorgeous creamy fleece with a bit of apricot dusting; so beautiful and soft. Her coat has been easy to maintain with weekly brushing/combing and turns heads wherever we go. There are Goldendoodles where I live but truly none compare to Ellie with her wavy fleecy coat. I’m so happy I found Coastland Goldendoodles and so grateful they let me have Ellie in my life.

- Jeri from Visalia, CA

Coastland Goldendoodles is a wonderful dog breeder in Ventura California. We just picked up our puppy and are so very happy with her. Sheryl, the owner of Coastland Goldendoodles was wonderful to work with. Once we were in touch, we got on a list for the litter that best suited our desires. We were notified of the birth along with photos taken right after it. Then, each week we received photos and videos of the growing pups. We were part of the whole experience! When it was time to pick our puppy up, Sheryl helped us choose by process of elimination. She answered all questions, and our decision was effortless. Our veterinarian was so very happy that we were able to find such a healthy, flawless, and balanced pup. We loved our experience with Coastland Goldendoodles and felt moved to write this review.

- Agatha from Santa Barbara, CA

If you're looking for a goldendoodle, you're in the right place! Once we decided on the breed, we found Coastland Goldendoodles and knew right from the start that we were in great hands. Sheryl is incredibly knowledgeable and knows how to match you with your dream doodle. She asked all the right questions to figure out which litter would give us the best choice for our family. It was a joy to receive videos and pictures leading up to our pick-day and Sheryl knew exactly how to keep that day special but also quite organized. Goldendoodles are truly an amazing breed; intelligent, happy and friendly, and with Coastland, you can have full confidence in their health, too - a huge plus. We've always been dog-people but had no idea we would love our Freddie as much as we do. Bring a goldendoodle home and get ready for more laughter and love than you could imagine!

- Rose from Goleta, CA